Dragintra Fleet Services is an independent service provider offering support with tactical and strategic fleet and mobility management issues (www.dragintra.nl). “Think of issues like increased sustainability of car policies and optimising contracts and cooperation with suppliers. We help our clients meet their targets, for instance by selecting the right suppliers and taking over the operational activities generally carried out by the client’s fleet manager.”

According to Country Manager Erik Wijbenga, the main benefits of outsourcing to fleet management organisations are expertise, flexibility and continuity. The temporary or prolonged absence of a company’s fleet manager would normally cause great difficulties. And so key success factors are flexibility, available staff capacity and expertise. “We are up to speed with the latest market developments and offer continuity”, says Wijbenga. “We are the independent link between clients and suppliers. That way our people can advise our clients’ employees objectively. For instance about EV charging points at home or opting for mobility budgets instead of lease cars. Leasing companies are still focused on employees opting for a car and have no real interest in mobility budgets.”

Dragintra considers it its duty to educate employees on the options offered by their employer. “Not all employees are entirely aware of the developments and the opportunities that a new scheme offers. What’s more, leasing companies are trying to minimise personal driver contacts to ensure their services remain scalable and workable. Even though most drivers prefer their questions to be answered over the phone, they are increasingly referred to an app or chat.” According to Wijbenga, personal contacts and expertise are a must for supporting the employees’ mobility choices. For this, Dragintra is the go-to party.