With plenty of experience as a fleet manager under his belt, Marco joined Dragintra in 2011. “In the Netherlands, Dragintra was still a start-up. I could help build the company. What also attracted me was the no-nonsense approach. You were responsible for everything. Operationally, working with the employees of our clients, but also in a client-facing capacity, discussing tactical and strategic matters. You could say an ‘all-in fleet manager’.”

In the meantime, Marco’s role has changed considerably. He designs and implements processes for clients that outsource fleet management to Dragintra, ensuring that Drangintra’s staff carry out our clients’ mobility policies in accordance with their requirements. “I document all the processes in wiki. That’s how our fleet managers know exactly what is needed for each and every client. As a result, they’re also able to immediately reply to their employees’ questions”, says Marco. In addition, he implements the online FleetPack environment for the clients.

FleetPack wins ground

At Dragintra, clients have various options. Most outsource their operational fleet management to Dragintra’s experts. But dozens of clients in multiple countries that manage their fleets in-house, have opted for FleetPack as their fleet management solution.
There are multiple fleet management software solutions on the market. “This week I was implementing FleetPack at one of our clients and asked them why they have chosen FleetPack. The answer was that it has much more functionality and meets their needs.”

How do the client and employee benefit?

“The entire process of ordering vehicles is a workflow, in which everything, including the necessary approvals, runs automatically. The client gets a warning that a contract is going to expire, meaning a new car needs to be ordered. Upon approval, the employee is invited to configure the car using the car configurator. The employee also signs the user agreement, upon which the multi-bid process starts, inviting several lease companies to quote. And finally, the person in charge approves the order by just pressing the button. The automated process takes email out of the equation.”

App and registration of distances driven

Dragintra also offers a driver app. “The app shows all the relevant car details. And depending on whether the client uses the functionality, employees can anonymously compare their driving performance.” The competitive element is appreciated by many clients and their drivers.

The app will get a greater role. “If you drive a diesel or petrol-fuelled car, the kilometres driven are registered upon refuelling. That doesn’t apply to electric vehicles, so we will need a different solutions. The app will be adapted to make the registration for drivers as easy as possible.”

Onboarding Germany

Harnessing his expertise, Marco also helps offices in other countries implement their processes and systems. “I’m currently working two days a week helping our office in Germany streamline and document all their operational processes, ensuring that everyone works in the same way. That also means ensuring that the data in the systems are correct and that colleagues report correctly.”

Power BI

Reporting is another important responsibility for Marco “FleetPack generates a lot of data. For clients we visualise those data in Power BI reporting. These reports are the basis for the tactical discussions that our account managers have with our clients. They identify and discuss the developments in our clients’ fleets. Like: ‘We see a huge increase in diesel refuelling.’ And they determine the causes of such developments.” Such insights help drive decision-making, while potential issues such as deviations from contracts also show. That’s why it’s so important that all the data, including the registration of kilometres driven, are entered into the system in time.

New step, back to his roots

Marco is looking forward to Dragintra’s relocation to new premises early July. “Lots of space!” Which is needed, because Dragintra Netherlands has grown rapidly. In addition, Marco is set to work at a client as an interim fleet manager. “Their current fleet manager is leaving and I’ll be working at the client for two days a week. The client has a fleet of 500 cars in the Benelux. I mostly work behind the scenes, but now I’ll be working in the forefront again. I’m looking forward to the interaction with drivers!”