Very often companies consider digitalisation of the administration of their car fleet when they have an extensive corporate fleet. “I have the few vehicles and their use is in my head!”; “Compared to other cost elements in the company, my vehicle pool plays a subordinate role!” are comments of those managing a company’s car fleet. Mainly companies in which the corporate car fleet represents an important success factor, apply a specialised software (e.g., transport companies, service companies with comprehensive technical service).

Digitalisation supports legal and commercial optimisation of a corporate fleet

With respect to constantly rising operating costs and the requirements to achieve CO2 neutrality in record time, a general reconsideration of current practises is taking place. A cost-efficient, climate-neutral fleet is becoming an important focus of a company’s management. At this point at the latest, the scope and complexity of the data required as a basis for decisions concerning vehicle procurement and smooth, cost-efficient operation are becoming apparent.

Fig. 1: Master data of digital fleet management

The production of meaningful statistics, as a basis for cost control and proactive management of a car fleet, including disposal/return and procurement, is hardly possible without digitised data by means of a fleet management software.

Fig. 2: Digitisation – the basis of efficient fleet management

Efficiency through digitalised fleet management

Thanks to professional digital fleet management software, all master data and the contractual bases are available and help to generate various and flexible reports that serve as a decision-making basis for a company’s management with regard to the fleet. These bases include:

  • Detailed cost structure of the fleet for optimised use of the vehicles, mileage, insurance conditions, damage development, …
  • Analysis of usage behaviour, km performance per vehicle, accident statistics, repair costs.
  • Identification and analysis of deviations (e.g. increase of the accident frequency, different mileages of vehicles).
  • Analysis of the age structure of the fleet to ensure regular, continuous rejuvenation of the fleet.

Efficient fleet management – Dragintra’s core competence

Dragintra’s core competence is to accompany companies through the entire life cycle and all components of fleet management, from fleet set-up, the daily tasks of fleet management, but also the conversion of a fleet, the negotiation of leasing contracts or the migration of the fleet to e-mobility. Dragintra is also available as a fully comprehensive outsourcing partner. With extensive knowledge and many years of experience, Dragintra accompanies enterprises in their digitalisation, including project management during the introduction of the software/database. From Dragintra’s point of view, the integration of employees in the migration process is an important success factor for the successful introduction of digitalisation.