COVID-19 showed many employers the benefits of hybrid working. And as a result, people started to look differently at mobility as well. How do you facilitate the mobility needs in an organisation when people have the freedom to work in the office or remotely, e.g. from home? The bike plays an ever greater role, particularly since the advent of the e-bike. Employees who live relatively close to their workplace and are supported by their employer to lease a brand-new bike or e-bike, are more inclined to take the bike. As a result, the car is used less frequently, which has a demonstrable impact on CO2 emissions.


It may be obvious, but cycling is healthy! Research of KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis shows that people who walk more, lose weight. The same research shows that people who cycle more, feel healthier. Cyclists don’t just feel healthier, cycling more has a proven positive effect on your physical and mental health. Remarkably, this mental aspects does not apply to walkers. Cycling does not just reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, it also helps you relax.

Good employership

The pandemic was quickly followed by new challenges. Staff shortages hit the majority of employers. Employees are in the lead and can afford to pick and choose. They are looking for employers that are willing to invest in their people. It’s clear that employers offering a modern mobility policy are considered more attractive on the labour market. Which is hardly surprising, as such a policy and the employer’s broader vision on the themes mentioned in this blog are closely connected. This type of employer shows both dedication to its employers’ wellbeing and the future of the planet.

Cost savings

Transforming from cars to public transport and bikes also results in substantial savings in cost. And cost are often the decisive factor for employers considering bike lease. You’re not just helping the planet and investing in your staff’s vitality, in the end it also saves a lot of money.

In brief, the bike is a simple but most effective means to contribute to multiple targets. If your organisation is interested in bike lease, do let us know. We’ll gladly discuss the possibilities with you!

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