Staff-centered mobility: Accelerate with Dragintra’s new configurator

Your employees at the center of your
mobility management

Business man calling next to bicycle

With our latest mobility configurator, you and your company get a head start in sustainable entrepreneurship and employee-focused HR. Because your mobility management should be transparent and accessible for the people it involves. Your workforce.

End-to-end insightful and scalable, our configurator allows companies to stay ahead of the game, paving the way for an employee-centered solution.

Complete insight:
Your staff decides how they get from A to B

More often than not, your staff is not aware of what they can do with the money in their mobility budget – what kind of car they can lease, if they can go electric, what kind of public transport subscription they can purchase: a clear insight into mobility options is often lacking. Dragintra’s configuration tool makes this completely transparent. And adjustable!

“Alternative mobility really doesn’t mean that people travel to work by train every single day.
It just means that you let your employees choose for what they need.”

Dragintra’s mobility configurator

This is how it works

With three pillars – car, public transport, and money –, your employees get a limited number of moments every year to adjust their preferences. With a simple functionality, users can increase or lower their allowance per pillar, within the range of their allocated budget. This way, your staff members can see for themselves which lease car fits their account. After users make a detailed choice, it is instantly clear how much is left for other transportation options or to be allotted in the form of cash, allowing the budget to be configurated accordingly. For complete transparency and flexibility.

Excited to accelerate your business and to put your staff at the heart of your mobility management?

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