Mobility for your employees first

Future-proof HR and mobility management require a new way of approaching things. And yes: that involves creating a work environment that supports the needs of the people your business is built upon. Your staff. This is how a needs-based mobility strategy accelerates your business.

Are leasing companies gradually abandoning their operational tasks?

Over the years, leasing companies have continuously added to their service offering to ease the burden of lease car drivers and fleet managers. Today, this service offering is no longer scalable and, therefore, no longer feasible. That’s the message that fleet management organisation Dragintra has been getting in recent months. Calculating, processing changes, providing dedicated data, answering questions and other operational activities: it’s all down to the client now. The role of the Driver Desk changes or disappears entirely. As a result, fleet owners are facing a marked increase in their workload.

Van fitting: less and lighter

In the field of Fleet & Mobility Management, today’s topics determine tomorrow’s choices. This is why at Dragintra we work closely with expert partners in niche disciplines. That’s how we support you, our client, with the best solutions the market has to offer.

The future of mobility: e-cars or sustainable fuels?

At the 2019 Automotive Innovation Award ceremony, the Lightyear team received not one, but two awards: the Public Choice Award and the prize for most innovative concept in the Challenging Concepts category. The notion of electric vehicles is particularly strong in the Netherlands. Even though Germany and Japan appear fully committed to the development and use of hydrogen fuel!