Operational management

Dragintra offers tailor made Fleet & Mobility management solutions based on the following services: external fleet management, mobility budget management, CO² reduction program…
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Purchasing support

The Dragintra Fleet & Process Scan (developed in-house) generates an overview of well-founded and realistic process enhancement and cost cutting options. As an external party Dragintra…
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Fleet Pack® software

Originating from a company focused on professional solutions for Fleet and Mobility management, this user friendly web based application is the ideal tool for the proactive and online management of your vehicle fleet…
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Fleet Academy

Dragintra offers multiple standardised training programs for fleet managers and drivers. Besides these training programs Dragintra also offers the possiblity to follow customized…
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Purchasing support

Cost saving is immediate profit.

The Dragintra Fleet&Process Scan (developed in-house) generates an overview of well-founded and realistic process enhancement and cost cutting options.

As an external party Dragintra also provides the option of support with the verification of external invoices and vendor supplied services associated with your vehicle fleet. After all, you wouldn't allow a butcher to inspect his own meat.

Fleet&Process Scan

Fleet&Process Scan is a snapshot of your vehicle fleet and is intended to list all your possible savings in one overview. Thus we create an extensive analysis of the structure of your vehicle fleet for the following points:

  • Vehicle selection policy, analysis of your car scheme and driver agreement.
  • Purchasing contracts, such as cars, fuel and accessories.
  • We analyse lease contracts for:
    • Component level: e.g. financing form, ROB, administration costs and management fees, and insurance premiums.
    • Contract level: terms and conditions, durations, kilometres and charging on.
    • Tariffs: these are compared with a benchmark.
  • Processes: the way your vehicle fleet is organised and who is involved in this – which includes task division and communication.
  • Reporting: what is available, are reports informative enough, the purpose of reports and their frequency.

Fleet Insurance Scan

Insurance premiums account for about 15% of the lease rate. It is therefore essential to manage this properly. A survey conducted by Dragintra has shown:

  • A large proportion of the fleet owners are insufficiently familiar with the way in which their car insurance contracts are arranged.
  • Too little information and knowledge is available to properly negotiate premiums and conditions with leasing companies and insurers.
  • Many fleet owners work with several leasing companies which all have their own insurance policies with different terms and conditions.

The "Fleet Insurance Scan" provides you with the necessary insight to make the right choices in terms of the type of insurance that best suits your organization. We make an analysis of:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Benchmark Premiums
  • Premium/Claims Ratio
  • Insurance Arrangements
  • Claims Management

The results of the "Fleet Insurance Scan" offer you a complete picture of your particular insurance situation. The results are presented to you in a final report with an executive summary. This will be explained in a presentation on the basis of points for improvement.

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The advantages soon become apparent as follows:

  • Structural reduction in fixed and variable costs
  • Optimisation of internal and external processes
  • Correct interfacing of service packages and requirements
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