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Dragintra Fleet Services and some of their partners start FleetAcademy in The Netherlands.

23/03/2016   -   De fleet manager is an expert, but there usually is but one within your organization!

Why a FleetAcademy?

Fleet & Mobility management is a domain where today’s topics are relevant for tomorrow’s choices. To stimulate knowledge transfer between counterparts, some branch partners decided to start a FleetAcademy. Only fellows can apply for membership and participate in FleetAcademy sessions. Independence and topicality are the core values.

Partners are:

  • Fleet Profile
  • Dragintra Fleet Services
  • Trendinautoleasing.nl

Who are these professional organizations?

It happens more and more that different parts of an organization come in touch with the Fleet management department. FleetAcademy was founded for all managers that are closely involved with the strategic, tactical and operational challenges related to fleet and mobility management. Apart from fleet managers, these can also be HR specialists, procurement specialists or fellows with a financial background.

What does FleetAcademy organize?

The following is programmed by experts for experts:

  • Expert sessions, 4 times / year
  • Sales Pitches, 3 times / year
  • Fleet management trainingen (all year round)

How to participate?

FleetAcademy is an independent knowledge platform. Participating on the Expert sessions and sales pitches is free of charge. There is a charge for Fleet management training courses.

Becoming a FleetAcademy member is easy, subrscribing id free of charge and can be done on the FleetAcademy website: www.fleetacademy.nl All registrations will be checked for relevance. Fleet product or service suppliers cannot become members.


In addition you are invited to join our LinkedIn discussion group. This group is not open for fleet product or service suppliers.

As a sales pitch or expert session participant you remain anonymous. Participant lists will under no condition be shared with the speaker(s) during the Expert sessions or sales pitches.

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