Operational management

Dragintra offers tailor made Fleet & Mobility management solutions based on the following services: external fleet management, mobility budget management, CO² reduction program…
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Purchasing support

The Dragintra Fleet & Process Scan (developed in-house) generates an overview of well-founded and realistic process enhancement and cost cutting options. As an external party Dragintra…
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Fleet Pack® software

Originating from a company focused on professional solutions for Fleet and Mobility management, this user friendly web based application is the ideal tool for the proactive and online management of your vehicle fleet…
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Fleet Academy

Dragintra offers multiple standardised training programs for fleet managers and drivers. Besides these training programs Dragintra also offers the possiblity to follow customized…
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Fleet Pack® Software

Dragintra has developed the Fleet Pack software package in-house.

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Originating from a company focused on professional solutions for Fleet and Mobility management, this user friendly web based application is the ideal tool for the proactive and online management of your vehicle fleet.

Fleet Pack is:

  • The Online vehicle fleet management tool for any type of vehicle fleet
  • Straightforward, offering the possibility to generate different reports at all times
  • Universal and practical application
  • Automatic connection (figures and NAW) to various administrations
  • Always up to date
  • Fast and user friendly

What can Fleet Pack do for you?

  • Save time
  • Provide an overview of your vehicle fleet
  • Provide an insight into cost aspects
  • Create central dossiers
  • Connect to various departments
  • Generate reports
  • Actively monitor your drivers


Fleet Pack increases the efficiency of your workforce. With Fleet Pack we guarantee that 1 employee will be able to handle the administrative, operational and financial management of approximately 250 vehicles in 1.5 days/week. This is also facilitated by the fact that in most frequently used management processes Fleet Pack can communicate proactively by e-mail and/or text.

KPI's and reports

Better insight into your vehicle fleet data will help improve your fleet management. An abundance of figures and data does not necessarily mean that you have an insight into the status of your vehicle fleet. Fleet Pack can easily generate reports on all aspects of your vehicle fleet. Each report can be exported to, and presented in, Excel. Fleet Pack also generates about 13 KPI's of the most important factors, which can be mailed to you at set times if necessary

Fleet Pack characteristics

Dragintra Fleet Pack®
Dragintra Fleet Pack® wins Internet Innovation Awards

ROI: minimum 7.2% on monthly operating costs

  • Reduction in Fleet Management FTE hours
  • Clear overview of all vendor associated costs
  • Straightforward lease component comparisons
  • Automatic reports for internal and external use
Pay as you go
  • Not a one-off investment but rental spread over time depending on the number of vehicles.

Free updates and system management
  • Fleet Pack is a straightforward, user friendly online system. No further need for installations via DVD, licence imports and hardware management – log in direct online.
  • System management, back-ups, network problems and other time consuming hardware problems are a thing of the past. Automatic update installations guarantee that you are always working with the latest Fleet Pack version.
    We relieve you of all these tasks. You no longer need, or have to spend a fortune on, specialist hardware or software know-how.
High level security
  • We can guarantee that your employees’ and your company’s sensitive information is safely stored within our high tech protected Fleet Pack system.
  • We also provide a day to day back-up service.

Including application management
  • Our ICT department provides permanent support and flags up, prevents and/or repairs potential faults. Our ICT department also tests and distributes Fleet Pack updates on a full time basis in order to guarantee ongoing development and keep your systems up to date.

Compatible with existing applications
  • Our in-house development system enables us to develop any type of connection with your existing application(s).
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