Operational management

Dragintra offers tailor made Fleet & Mobility management solutions based on the following services: external fleet management, mobility budget management, CO² reduction program…
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Purchasing support

The Dragintra Fleet & Process Scan (developed in-house) generates an overview of well-founded and realistic process enhancement and cost cutting options. As an external party Dragintra…
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Fleet Pack® software

Originating from a company focused on professional solutions for Fleet and Mobility management, this user friendly web based application is the ideal tool for the proactive and online management of your vehicle fleet…
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Fleet Academy

Dragintra offers multiple standardised training programs for fleet managers and drivers. Besides these training programs Dragintra also offers the possiblity to follow customized…
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At first Dragintra, originally a Belgian company established in 1999, operated in the vehicle leasing sector. It was clear that the clients of vehicle leasing companies required support with the operational and financial process of their fleet management. They primarily needed an independent and professional partner, who could take on certain tasks using a pragmatic approach and taking into account specific sector and company related issues.

In recent years Dragintra has developed its own specific approach and expertise to transform vehicle fleet challenges into opportunities. This approach was incorporated into an individual software package developed in-house, to safeguard processes and services in a uniform and independent manner: Fleet Pack® was born!

Our own IT department, professional and experienced account managers and trainers guarantee permanent development based on proactively managed processes that fit seamlessly into our clients’ existing applications.


No two vehicle fleets are the same. Each fleet has to be managed individually in a specific way. This being the only way to benefit from sound fleet management and operate successfully and efficiently, this is where Dragintra's specialist skills lie.

Dragintra specialises in managing the operational and financial process of your vehicle fleet.

What does Dragintra offer?

The advantage of joining forces with Dragintra is that we look at the wider picture, beyond the mere purchase of the vehicle. We analyse driver and supplier activities and the various operating processes to produce a tailor made plan to suit your organisation and requirements.

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Our team consists of committed and enthusiastic professionals, who excel in their specific field.

  • Our IT team is multi-skilled and comprises specialist developers
  • Our account managers have many years of experience in the operational management of large vehicle fleets and the various mobility regulations
  • Our back office staff provides the right administrative support to the account managers

Mission Statement

We use our expertise to offer our clients the best and most advanced services with respect to Fleet & Mobility management
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